Japanese Incense Ceremony

聞香 Mon-koh Quietly Listening to Incense

Japanese Incense Ceremony in a Contemporary Style

The little space within the heart is as great as the universe.


The Mon-koh stresses "listening" to incense instead of just "smelling" it. Mon-koh enhances one's sensibility and mindfulness toward the fragrance of the incense and its material.


In the workshop on the table, we provide an outline on the history and use of incense in Japan, followed by a session of Mon-koh. The session focuses on "listening" to incense as a meditation, and experiencing a sense of unity and transcendence of the mundane. Like many of the Japanese traditional arts, one goal of Mon-koh is to free the spirit and foster an awareness of gratitude toward the world.



■Participation fee per person: 15,000yen for a private session (2-10 persons) 30,000yen (1 person)


Corporate Training: 150,000-1,000,000yen


■Place: The International House of Japan in Roppongi




Eriyo Watanabe

Founder and Director

Center for Arts and Wellness (CAW)

Incense Research Institute (IRI)

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