Japanese Incense Ceremony  香道 蓮心流 Ren Shin Ryu

Japanese Incense Ceremony for Well-being
Japanese Incense Ceremony for Well-being

Through listening to incense, the spirit of incense wood resonates with us.  Beyond time and space, feel the eternal serene essence and find the little space within our hearts, which is as great as the universe.

Japanese incense ceremony, Koh-do is the most sophisticated way to experience the fragrance of agarwood, especially kyara, the highest quality agarwood from Vietnam.  It is not only extremely precious and priceless, but also it is said to be a food for your soul.

Since the creation of the Japanese incense ceremony, the concept of Mon-koh, literally “listening to incense” has been of central importance.  Mon-koh is a smokeless way of appreciating pure fragrance.  It is considered to be the ultimate incense experience and also can be a tranquil, meditative ritual.  Mon-koh encompasses mindful, directed attention to the fragrance of each incense wood.  One is supposed to be completely open to each fragrance in a relaxed and selfless manner, to explore the world of scent and feel sense of unity.  

In addition, you can enjoy the enchanting fragrance of fermented incense: neri-koh and kyphi which Eriyo invented.  We hope that you will experience spiritual, mental, and physical well-being through the incense ceremony.

Japanese Incense Ceremony for Well-being
Japanese Incense Ceremony for Well-being

  • Participation Fee of Regular Session for 2 hours: 70,000yen (1-4 persons), 150,000yen (5-10 persons) for a private session 
  • Premium Session for Executives : 300,000 - 800,000yen (1- 10 persons)
  • Corporate Training: 300,000-1,200,000yen 
  • Place:  ① Setagaya Private Salon ② The International House of Japan in Roppongi ③ Happo-en ④ Kakiden ⑤ Kanetanaka                     
  • The rental fee of the facility will be charged for the venues  ② ③ ④ ⑤. 
  • Reservation: eriyowatanabe@gmail.com  080-6552-4709  (Eriyo Watanabe)