Eriyo Watanabe

・Director of Incense Research Institute (IRI)

・Founder of Ren Shin Ryu, School of Incense

・Specially-appointed Professor at Nihon Pharmaceutical University

Eriyo Watanabe, an experienced master of incense, has been offering Japanese incense ceremony for 16 years.  She is also a well-known artist for her original blended incense using carefully selected ingredients.  Her signature incense “fermented lotus incense” was invented by her, using Japanese lotus flowers.  


She grew up in Japan and lived in London, Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Boston for 10 years.  And she has travelled to 51 countries in order to explore arts and cultures.  Her profound knowledge and cosmopolitan way of thinking were cultivated through her education at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, where she received a Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and Holistic Health.  She has given lectures on the history of incense and workshops at Embassies of Egypt and Oman, Urasenke School, Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama International School in Japan as well as Embassy of Japan in India.  In addition, she has offered corporate training programs at SHISEIDO, ESTEE LAUDER, KIRIN, Unilever, Firmenich and Hyatt Regency Kyoto among others.  Now she teaches online training course for certified incense specialist in English for foreigners.

Her recent two interview articles:


⚫︎香研究家 ⚫︎香研究会IRI代表 ⚫︎蓮心流 香道 家元 ⚫︎日本薬科大学 特命講師

英国Sotheby's Institute of Art で世界の美術史、米国Lesley Universityで芸術療法を学び、修士号取得。10年間の海外生活(ボストン・パリ・ロンドン・香港)と51ヶ国への旅を通して、20年にわたり、古代から継承されてきた世界のお香について研究し、聞香会、オリジナルのお香の創作、香スペシャリスト養成講座、企業研修を行っています。オマーン大使館・京懐石「柿傳」・東京国立博物館「応挙館」・国際文化会館で定期的にお香の会を開催しております。



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