Making Incense Sachet

Fragrance for Purification and Empowerment


First you learn about the ingredients  and then you make your own incense sachet with your favorite blend.


It is good to carry it in your handbag and it can be a great gift from Japan to your family & friends.  




■Participation fee per person: 6,000yen  (5~40 persons)

                                           10,000yen (3~4 persons)

                                           30,000yen (1-2 persons)

■Place: The International House of Japan in Roppongi 



Eriyo Watanabe

Founder and Director

Center for Arts and Wellness (CAW)

Incense Research Institute (IRI)

#301, 3-20-15, Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

154-0016 Japan

tel: 080-6552-4709