Incense Ceremony for Mindfulness and Self-awareness

Life-changing Experience for You

Eriyo has been offering Incense Ceremony for mindfulness and self-awareness for more than 15 years for foreigners in Japan and other countries.  Not only the highest quality agarwood called "kyara" from Vietnam and sandalwood from India, but also Eriyo's original incense called "sho-koh" and "juku-koh" are used in the ceremony. 


The participants experience deep relaxation and mindfulness.  It can be a great opportunity for self-awareness too.  Some people remember life purpose and start making adjustments in lives.   


Eriyo is delighted to offer corporate training in any place in the world. 


Custom-made Incense for Spiritual Wealth

Essential Fragrance in Daily Life

Eriyo creates enchanting custom-made incense for you.  First of all, private session will be offered in person.  And you will try various fragrance from her selection of different kinds of ingredients to choose.


Her clients are social leaders, artists, musicians and creators who are on the cutting edge from all over the world.


For those who live abroad, Eriyo is able to talk to you over Facebook messenger or Zoom and payment can be done by PayPal.


Please feel free to send a message for inquiry.


Lectures and Educational Workshops

Discovering the True Value of Incense

Eriyo has been giving lectures and educational workshops at Embassy of Oman, Embassy of Egypt, Embassy of Belarus, SHISEIDO, Firmenich, Unilever, KIRIN, University of Tokyo, Yokohama International School and others.    


Her slide lecture covers history of incense, ingredients, culture, religion, philosophy and more.


The goal of her work is making the best use of incense globally in order to promote well-being, spiritual awakening, peaceful society and better environment.   

For any inquiries or questions, please contact us at or call us at 080-6552-4709 (Japan). 





Eriyo Watanabe

Founder and Director

Center for Arts and Wellness (CAW)

Incense Research Institute (IRI)

#301, 3-20-15, Tsurumaki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

154-0016 Japan

tel: 080-6552-4709